About Me

Born in Ukraine, I worked as a beauty instructor, a highly successful eyebrow artist and owner of LashStudio. Photography was my hobby although I kept it on a very professional level and always was looking for the opportunities to improve it. In 2016 I successfully graduated from Kievskaya Photography School which is one of the best in Ukraine. In 2017 I moved to the US and lived in Cincinnati for 2,5 years. Since March 16th 2020 I am a New Jersey resident and starting meeting my new clients here and making for myself a perfect place to be by doing what I love!  I am fluent in three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

I do provide photography services and  videography as well. I am obsessed with both and don't even want to make a choice for now. It's my perfect way of expressing myself. Pictures are frozen moments, they are perfect in the way that you can put them on your wall or deck or in your pocket wherever you go. And videos are  movies about you and your family. They are incredible reminders that you are very  Unique and Special and there is nothing so much exiting to watch then your own life every minute and every day throughout the film!

People always used to inspire me  the most.  Being honored and being able to capture their incredible and unique life stories, that always come along with evolution and beautiful transformation, keeps me passionate about photography and videography, keeps me obsessed with every single shoot. Start watching your own stories and you will discover that they are the most incredible ones!

Sincerely yours,